Ajmer to Jodhpur Trains List

Planning to have a rail excursion from Ajmer to Jodhpur? Jodhpur is recognized as the Sun City of the country and is the second largest city of Rajasthan state. There are about 3 express trains moving from Ajmer to Jodhpur city and about 9 from Jodhpur city to Ajmer JN.

Different trains that you can find out running from Ajmer to Jodhpur and in opposite direction are Jodhpur Junction Ajmer Junction Fast Passenger, Jodhpur Junction Ajmer Junction Special, Jodhpur Junction Ajmer Junction Yours Special, and more. Out of all, as per the information, the first train that departs from Ajmer JN is Kathgodam Ranikhet Express running with train no. 15014 at 13:40 hours and the last train that departs from Ajmer JN to Jodhpur station is Ajmer Jodhpur Fast passenger express running with train no. 54802 leaving at 14:25 hours.

Apart from these, another train that runs from Ajmer to Jodhpur trains is Ramnagar Corbet Park Link Express running with train no. 25014 departing at the same time as of Kathgodam Ranikhet Express at 13:40 hours. The time taken by the individual train in covering the overall distance varies in between 4 hours to 40 minutes to 5 hours and 20 minutes. Aside from this, there are other trains as well crossing Ajmer JN and reaching Jodhpur JN like train nos. 7037, 7139, 9613, 9615 and more. For availing online food delivery services, make sure to go for Travel Khana’s services as it has been engaged and been serving passengers from years tasty and lip smacking food right at the berths without any delay and at affordable prices.

Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival
Kathgodam Ranikhet Exp… Ajmer Jn 13:40 Bhagat Ki Kothi 18:20
Ramnagar Corbet Park L… Ajmer Jn 13:40 Bhagat Ki Kothi 18:20
Ajmer jodhpur Fast Pas… Ajmer Jn 14:25 Jodhpur Jn 19:45

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