Ambala to Meerut Train List

Seeking for trains running in between Ambala and Meerut? If you are travelling in between Ambala station and Meerut junction, this post is going to be very helpful for you as it will help in letting passengers know about the trains with nos. and name.

There are about 44 weekly trains running from Ambala to Meerut station. People can look for different trains from Ambala to Meerut as there are many involving Ambala Cantt Junction Delhi Express, Golden Temple Malhour, Jalandhar city New Delhi Express, Chhattisgarh Express and much more. Out of all, the first train that is known to leave Ambala station for Meerut is train no. 04052 Udhampur Anand Vihar TRM Special at 00:50 AM. On the other side, the last train that departs from Ambala station is Chhatisgarh Express running with train no. 18238 at 21:46 PM.

The trains that originate from Ambala station and move towards Meerut are 2 including train no. 04522 – Ambala Cantt Junction Delhi Express leaving at 11:25 hours and reaching Meerut station at 15:00 hours taking an overall time of 3 hours and 35 minutes, train no. 14522 – Ambala Cantt Junction Delhi Express leaving at 05:40 hours and reaching at 09:25 hours taking about 3 hours and 45 minutes of time in completing the journey. Aside from this, trains passing from Ambala station include train nos. 12904 – Golden Temple Malhour, 04052 – Udhampur Anand Vihar TRM Special, 22688 – Chandigarh Madurai Junction Superfast Express, 14682 – Jalandhar City New Delhi Express, 19326 – Amritsar Junction Indore Junction Bg Express, 04114 – Udhampur Allahabad Junction Special, 18238 – Chhattisgarh Express and 14646 – Shalimar Express. So, check out the seat availability and enjoy your journey from Ambala to Meerut!

No. Name Type From Departure Arrival
14156 Udhampur – Kanpur Ex… Exp UMB 1:10 4:20
12904 Golden Temple Mail (… SF UMB 2:00 5:09
19326 Amritsar – Indore Ex… Exp UMB 4:10 7:35
14646 Shalimar Express Exp UMB 5:00 8:40
14522 Ambala Cantt. – Delh… Exp UMB* 5:40 9:43
64562 Ambala – Old Delhi M… MEMU UMB* 6:00 11:46
14682 Jalandhar – New Delh… Exp UMB 7:45 11:09
22688 Chandigarh – Madurai… SF UMB 8:45 12:28
4402 Shri Mata Vaishno De… Exp UMB 9:20 12:28
54304 Kalka – Delhi Passen… Pass UMB 9:30 17:30
54540 Ambala – Delhi Hazra… Pass UMB* 14:35 21:09
54542 Ambala Cantt – Meeru… Pass UMB* 16:25 23:30
14650 Saryu Yamuna Express Exp UMB 17:10 22:40
14674 Shaheed Express Exp UMB 17:10 22:40
18238 Chhattisgarh Express Exp UMB 22:20 2:10
18238-Slip Chhattisgarh Express… Exp UMB 22:20 2:10

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