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Indian railways have a very extensive network of rails which covers the entire nation and connects cities and states. This has made travel within the country a cheaper and viable option especially if you are budget conscious. Journey across the states usually takes an overnight travel or even three days depending on the kilometers of the distance the train has to cover. This means, the passengers will be spending lots of hours in the train and would be sleeping on the train berths.

One interesting fact about Indian railways is that Indian Railways also provide catering services to the passengers. You can order breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks and hot beverages which will be delivered at your seat. The food items usually get loaded into the train’s pantry from major railway stations and then it gets distributed to the passengers.

There have been many complaints regarding the quality of the food delivered in the train and the limited options to choose from. Regular passengers have been fed up with the food choices and concerns have also been raised about the hygiene conditions under which food is prepared. It is under this circumstance that many entrepreneurs have come with services where passengers can order food online and get delivered at the train.

How to book food in train for catering?

If you are tired of having the food which is provided in the train, don’t worry anymore. You can now order your favorite dish and get it delivered to your seat. You can choose any kind of dish like Biriyani, Chinese, thaali meals, pizza, burger, vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. There would be a list of hotels from which you can choose based on your preference.

To order food, you need to enter your PNR number or the train number and journey date. You would also need to share your seat number and coach details so that food can be delivered to your seat. You can pay for your food either through online payment or cash on delivery option is also available. With the recent demonetization in India, these websites also accept payment via e-wallets.

Another option:

In case if your internet connection is not working due to signal fluctuations, you can order food over the phone. You also have the option to request a call back from the portal’s customer service. You can also have the option to order food for a group in case if you are traveling with friends or family.

Usually, the order needs to be placed at least an hour prior to which the train reaches a particular destination. There is also time restriction for placing an order as most of the restaurants will not be working 24 hours.

In case if the train is running late, you don’t need to worry. Most of the food delivery websites track the train running status. If there is a delay of more than two hours, they will contact you to check if you want to proceed with the order. Tracking the train would also help the railway to deliver hot and fresh food.

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