Coming your way! Food express

All said and done, technology is going places and so ordering food has become easy in a series of little steps. You do not have to move an inch, as the food is delivered right on to your seats. A majority of us travel by Indian railways and having food in Indian railways has given way to a host of health problems. With these private companies ruling the roost, you can order food all over India. Just order the food from the menu, zero in the station where you want the food and choose your payment option. You can either choose to pay via online method or opt for cash on delivery option.

How to order food

Food services in train at Nagpur station has made the process easy as these private vendors have tied up with various companies. So how to order food

• First and foremost, you need to visit the website and type in the train number or name. Mention the arrival or the departure station with the date of journey. If you find the entire process cumbersome just type in your PNR number and the whole information is right in front of you.

• It will take you to the page on the train you are travelling. After selecting an appropriate train, you will come across the list of various restaurants in different station and you can figure out the arrival along with the departure timings of your train.

• One can select on what they need to order from the menu and if you have any special instructions can specify the reasons.

• Then proceeding to check out, you need to fill in your personal details, seat number, contact details along with PNR

• In the last step you need to specify your payment mode. You can either choose to pay by debit or credit card or avail the cash on delivery option. In that case ensure that you carry sufficient amount of change with you.

• Once the finish button is clicked, the order page details will ask you the location where you want your order to be executed. As soon as an order is confirmed, you will get an SMS or an email will be sent to your registered id.

Most restaurants associated with these private companies, require you to place an order one hour before the train arrives at the station. The basic objective is to serve fresh food and they have a proven track record of servicing close to 2000 trains. The restaurants that are tied up with the online platform have stringent standards as far as hygiene, quality along with service levels. There is a variety of cuisines on offer and one does not have to stick to the stereotyped food served by the Indian railways. It would be prudent on our part to confirm the fact that these companies have revolutionized the concept of food dished by Indian railways.

These companies also have an online tracking system where you can track the live status of your order!

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