Delicious Food served on the wheels

Good food can complete any event and there is no exception to this rule while travelling. Earlier people would decide on the menu to be carried along in the train as soon as the tickets were booked. However, times have changed now and so have the taste buds. With the help of technology food delivery in train Akola junction is now possible and the trend is catching on. The quality of food in Indian railways has always been a topic of discussion and once you have had food from the train, one thing is sure you will never vouch for it again. But constant reminders by the general public, has woken up the Indian railways from the deep slumber and with the emergence of private players the food has improved a tinge. But a lot of scope for improvement still needs to be done.

It is always better to choose a train with pantry. The advantages are as follows:

  • Freshly prepared snacks are served throughout the journey

  • Meals are fresh and can be ordered in advanced along with seat number. The meals are economically priced.

  • There is a service person in each coach you takes down your orders. Once the order is taken the food is delivered during the lunch or dinner.

Food can also be ordered via apps. There are many food ordering apps available. After downloading the app, one can order food with ease via these apps by giving the PNR number and the seat number. The advantages are as follows:

  • The apps have a great variety to choose from.

  • It also offers some of the well known food chains as well as railway catering.

  • There is something for everyone and to fit every pocket.

The mode of payment when it comes to these apps is via your debit or credit card. In certain cases the cash on delivery option is also exercised. You can not only order food for yourself , but for your near and dear ones during the course of their railway journey as well.

Akola is a well known station and has many eating outlets near the station. To get a taste of the local flavour, one can call in advance and order food form the local eating outlets. The delivery is on time and the food is great. It is always freshly prepared.

In case the food is stale one can give back the food or complain at the number given. The feedback is taken very seriously and all efforts are made to keep the passengers happy. It is advisable to check for the portion size before ordering the food.

Akola Junction being a popular station also has local vendors sell food at the railway station. They enter the compartments as well and offer some delicious speciality of the place.

Now one need not carry food and extra load because there is good food available along with options in the train which are served right at your seat. Hence, no need to even get out of the train.

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