Dinner in Train

Have a lovely dinner; dinner in train!

One can get sleepless nights if one skips dinner. We all know how important food is, for sleep and for life too! It can get tough if one has bad, tasteless food that may make one feel queasy or food from a random takeaway, where hygiene and cleanliness are compromised. This applies when you are traveling as well! Why try to sleep off on a single apple, or bad tasting pantry car meal, which is poor quality and monotonous, when fresh, yummy, great tasting food can become your dinner! Yes, we are talking about that perfect dinner in train!

Gone are the days when you had to put up with these inconveniences, as there was no other option. Sometimes one could carry food from home, but then again, it was not free of troubles! The luggage would add on, another bag/basket to carry, the food going bad easily, and what not! Just log on to our website and open a whole new page full of options for the day’s dinner!

Our website houses a lot of options of dinner- vegetarian, non vegetarian, Chinese, continental, jain food options and many snacks that could make up a light dinner. Just specify which station you want the food delivered on, your travel details like train number, seat number, etc, and packed food will be delivered to your seat! Yes, you don’t even have to move!

You can rely on us; we are currently servicing around 2000 trains and serve food on more than 200 big and small railway stations. This number is on the rise. We accept cash payment as well as online payment, but this needs to be specified right when you are placing the order. Do let us serve you home style or fancy dinner, so that you have a sound sleep and an amazing train journey!

Happy and safe travel!

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