Discover unnatural beauties in India

Indian Railways is one of the busiest railway networks in the entire world where almost 19 thousand trains run every day among all the cities, railway junctions and towns of this country to join all the corners together.

One can also book a ticket now, via online websites and one does not need to stand in a long queue for this. To get list cancelled trains, one can also refer the official website of Indian Railways and also track the train schedule, in which they intend to travel.

In India, there are some places which have unnatural beauty. These places are not visited frequently, but one should discover these places to get awestruck.

Ropkund Skeleton Lake: This place is also not for the weak hearted though. In the lap of Himalayas, this place is one of the most picturesque one with crystal clear lake water. But what one finds at the edge of lake are hundreds of human skeletons. One may get scared by listening to it, but once you are there, the experience is different all together. One can also plan for a snow trekking here during winter.

Mawsynram: Most of us has studied this in schools that Mawsynram is the place which observes the highest rainfall in India. Though we all know the place by name, most of us hardly make a plan to visit there. If you have not visited it yet, then make a plan now. This is a very quiet, small village in the Khasi hills of Himalaya. The lush green nature of this place makes it a beautiful scenario which one would love to visit.

Namgyal Monastery: This serene place is located in the quiet hill station Dharamshala of Himachal Pradesh in Indi. It is associated with Dalai Lama and runs the religion of Buddhism in this state. The lakes surrounding it and the hills of MacLeod Ganj make this place a perfect travel destination.

Bhalukpong: This is a centre for the adventure sports in Arunachal Pradesh. If one wants a holiday full of adrenaline rush, then this is the right place to visit. Hiking, trekking and river rafting are done here and one can enjoy all the adventures here. There are plenty of hills that surround Bhalukpong and are a perfect place for trekking. Near to this place are the Kaziranga National Park and Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary which are also a must visit.

Savandurga: A small and quiet hill station located at 60 kilometres west of the city of Bangalore. It is a part of the Deccan plateau and the place is full of caves, forests and a lot of greeneries. It is best for a group of friends who love adventure water sports and climbing. There are many climbing routes ranging from 700 to 950 feet and they have some beautiful names like Simple Monkey Day or Cloud 9.

So, one only need to make a plan and pack their bags to start their journey. These places will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

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