E-catering: Technology driven services to our food requirements

Whenever someone plans for a journey or trip, the first thing that comes to their mind is to pack food for convenience in the long journey. But it is not that easy to carry the food parcels every time especially when they are taking a journey for more than 24 hours. Firstly it is messy to carry extra baggage for food and also there are always chances of food getting spoiled or stale.

Also, when it comes to bachelors, students or corporate individuals on tour, it is very difficult for them to arrange for ahome-made food parcel. All they are left with is to rely on the station based food stalls or wait for the sellers to hop the train. But that kind of food hardly satiates your hunger pang.

E-catering: The new path-breaking service

It is often seen that Indian railways are still not prepared with pantry cars in all the trains running across thecountry. There are only a few trains with pantry car facility. It is surprising to see that even trains with a 2-3 days long journey are not well equipped with pantry cars. Even in the trains with pantry cars, the options in menu card are limited and may not be in accordance with your taste preferences. In all the above scenarios it is very difficult for a passenger to arrange for food.

Explore your food options while on a train

But here is a sigh of relief for everyone who has had all or one of such experience. While most of our day-to-day life has seen a major impact of digitalization and technology, now it is railways who have welcomed the change. With online food in the train, no one has to worry about food arrangements while travelling. It has eased out the chaos completely.

These services are very efficient and easy to use. The caterers are equipped with well-trained call centres and support centres to carry the order and process effectively. The response is always quick and prompt. Even people who are not tech savvy can easily place anorder and receive food on thetrain.

All need to do for placing their order is just make a call or order online from thewebsite. They can even order through an SMS. The passengers need to update them about the train details such as PNR Number, Coach Number, Train name or number and berth number along with the desired station for delivery of theparcel. The order needs to be placed beforehand, at least 3-4 hours before reaching the location of delivery so that the caterer can deliver your food on time at your berth.

In thecase of any cancellations, the passenger can even claim a refund, but the order should be cancelled minimum before 2 hours. It is also to be noted that the caterers always take care about the hygiene factors and thefoodis packed in biodegradable plastic bags.

With such user-friendlyservices, this is sure going to be the next in thing for passengers.

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