Eat Healthy at the Vijayawada Train Station

The Indian Railways has always been overcrowded with passengers. Being one of the largest railroad networks in the world, it has a lot of trains stopping at the Vijayawada railway station. Most of the passengers on these trains are travelling for a period of more than one or two days. They face a problem of finding good food. Most of the food sold by the vendors on the station can be safely assumed to have been prepared in unhygienic conditions. Also, the food items maybe stale, and hence are extremely unhealthy. Moreover, the choice of food items becomes limited for the people, who are picky when it comes to their food. Some trains come with pantry cars, but the food supplied there is also not up to the mark.

A Solution -

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have introduced an E- catering service on their portal. This service has only been introduced in trains that do not have a pantry car attached to it. All a customer has to do is enter their PNR number there. A list of all the stations where the service is available pops up. They can simply select the station and order the food from the menu available. The food is delivered to the passenger in the train itself. The order can also be placed with a telephone call to the IRCTC e- catering toll-free number. The payment can be done online with a debit card or a credit card or maybe done by paying cash when the food is delivered. The service is available to the public from 6am to 10pm.

The Role of Private Food Caterers -

Nowadays, many private companies are supplying food on trains. Their services can be availed all day long. Also, they supply food on all trains irrespective of whether there is a pantry car or not. One such railway canteen network is the TravelKhana website. They supply quality food in train at Vijayawada and all the other major railway stations. The food served is always fresh and comes with a virtual guarantee of taste and health. TravelKhana serves almost all kinds of cuisines to railway passengers. From non-vegetarian dishes to vegetarian ones, all are as tasty and healthy as they can be. The delivery is also quick and on time. The passenger will not have to get anxious about delivery of the food.

Ordering Food through TravelKhana -

The orders for food delivery in train at Vijayawada can be placed directly through their website. The food order can also be placed by calling up their offices. Passengers are required to place their orders at least one hour before the train pulls up to the station. While pacing the orders details like the name of the train, station where the food is to be delivered, the coach and seat number of the passenger have to be provided. Payments can be made online or with cash upon delivery.

TravelKhana has allowed passengers to easily embark on long train journeys without having to worry about food.

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