Ecatering food services availability in train

Food always plays a major role in our lives and becomes a concerning factor especially while travelling considering the quality and hygiene of it. Irrespective of the fact whether the excursion is for smaller or longer period of time, one needs food and good quality and tasty food keeps mood of a person happy and satisfied. Though, if the journey is for longer time, the concerning factor is always there regarding availability of food. People who travel a lot through trains are very much concerned with the availability of food in trains and many of them prefer to even have packed food from home. Though, people who commute daily for work or students or individuals it becomes difficult to go for such options. The options left are either to go for rail food, or food stalls available at railway stations or onboard ecatering facilities.

Ecatering food in train is been actually like a blessing for people these days and vendors assure to provide high quality fresh and hot food right on passengers seats without any hassle and at extremely affordable prices. The trains which have a pantry car attached provides good food to passengers but not every train has a pantry car attached, even the express ones that take about 2-3 days in reaching destination. And, pantry car also offer only conventional and normal thalis with no as such much variety in them. Following a specific pattern in offering food, it could be boring to grab bite every time on such food. Even, many people concern about the quality of food available in trains.

It becomes annoying especially with children as they are fussy and don’t get settle until they get their favourite food. Though, ecatering food in train options brings much of a relief for everyone and for all age groups. One can place an order online or offline from such e-caterers and get their desired meal at the specific railway station. Along with making the food availability in train simple, they provide a large variety of options considering all age groups in both vegetarian and non vegetarian that seems to be like a dream few years back.

Travel Khana is one of them, which has tied up with IRCTC engaged in offering a large variety of food meals to passengers at specific railway stations on time and at pretty decent prices. You can login their website or download their mobile app to go through their large menu and select your favourite food meal. The payment options are many and depending upon the convenience, one can do the same. If you don’t have internet, you can even place order through SMS or by calling them. The customer support panel is highly cooperative and humble and the process of ordering is pretty simple and takes hardly fraction of seconds to do. You just have to let them know about your train number, PNR number, seat number and at which railway station you want food delivery. Taking utmost care of hygiene, make sure to avail their services and have a great journey.

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