Enjoy the food and train journey together now

The food availability has been a headache for the department of Indian railway since its evolution. For the passengers of long route journey, it is much required to have fresh food that can help them enjoy the travel. With the passage of time, the department came with a different solution to help the passenger on this issue, but no solution could do as expected.

In the modern days with the help of modern developments, the private players in the area of food parcel supply came forward and sought permission from the railway to offer the food parcel in a way that can help the passengers on board to have quality food. As the railway also wanted some excellent solution for food availability, it permitted these players and today there is a beautiful solution available to the passengers.

The solution:

These players have tremendous infrastructure that can help the passengers to place an order for food parcel without any hassle and enjoy quality food while they are still onboard. Therefore, it is significant to know what the solution is provided to the passengers. The service of food parcel is so effective that in just a little span there are many areas and route covered and hence today the passenger can enjoy quality food with their trip.

The system to place the parcel order is simple. One can contact the customer care of the service provider by calling them on the phone or can visit the website and place the order after checking all the details. The passenger needs to decide at which station he wants to avail the food parcel and place the order accordingly. If he wants food for train at Itarsi station, he can mention it while placing the order and the parcel will be delivered to him at the Itarsi station when the train reaches there.

How does it work?

The system made by the service provider is easy and simple that the passenger or any other person on his behalf can use. One can check the menu and order any item as per availability. The passenger also needs to mention the station and the food parcel is provided at the concerned station only. Hence, for those who need to take food at the right time considering the health issues, it is a much helpful system. The price is much better than any other food parcel in the market, and hence it is not much burdensome on the pocket of the passenger also.

For an individual, the quantity of the food is also sufficient. One can enjoy the food as it is fresh and hot. The parcel is prepared in the local restaurant where the kitchen is hygienic. The delivery of the food parcel at the right moment is also an important factor in the service. Those who need to travel for a long distance; the food parcel service has proven as a blessing.

Due to the popularity of the service, there are many more routes covered by the service provider across the country.

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