Explore Jaipur with a different eye

Jaipur is the capital of the most colorful state of India that is Rajasthan. This city is popularly known as the Pink City of India as most of the buildings and constructions of this city have been painted in the pink color.

This city has palaces and monuments which are of huge historical importance. If one is making a plan of having their next trip to Jaipur; then there are some exquisite ways to explore the city which they can think of. Here are some ideas on how to explore the corners of the city and the best places around Jaipur.

  • The first thing is, one should definitely take a ride to the palaces and monuments of the city. They are the best features of the city and one can get hidden treasures inside those palaces like the arts and architectures displayed on the walls. There are temples inside which one can get to see some exquisite paintings and there are frescos as well inside the Vishnu Temple. The palaces or the havelis have been restored well and some parts of them have been turned into a heritage hotel where one can get extreme royal hospitality. Then there is the Tantra Temple where resides the idol of Lord Shiva and Gopinath Ji Krishna Temple where Lord Krishna is worshipped.
  • When in Jaipur, visiting Hawa Mahal is a must. The most magnificent and exquisite palace in this city. Not only have that, one can also take a walk along the city to get to know the place well. Yes, if you do not walk down the streets and narrow lanes of a city, you cannot get the actual essence of the place. Once you start walking down the lanes, you can get to see the flower markets and spice markets along with jewelry markets and shops of silver crafts. You can also get to see some houses which are more than 200 years old and some old constructions which resemble the haveli and palace designs of constructions. Do not forget to have lassi and samosa while you discover the city on your own. They are the delicious street foods available there.
  • You can also pay a visit to Amer, which is an old place and where the bravery of the rulers and warriors of Rajasthan are still heard. There is the Amer Fort which is very old, and in the premise of the fort, there is a temple built in the 16th century named Jagat Shiromani Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and queen Shringar Devi Kankawaat built this temple in memory of her son. There is also the Ambikeshwar Temple where the idol of Lord Shiva resides. One can also visit Narasingh Haveli and the step well which was built by Maharaja Jai Singh the second.

From Jaipur, one can also take jungle safari ride to the Ranthambhore National Park. To get the current train status and irctc train schedule, one can easily check the online railway websites, which provide all the information.

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