Explore the beauty of Bilaspur

Before reaching Bilaspur, one should chalk out a plan what to visit here.

Deorani Jethani Temple: This is one of the most popular temples in the Talgaon region of Bilaspur. This temple has a beautiful architecture as it has a large number of carvings and statues which describe different incidents from the life of Lord Shiva. At the entrance of the temple, there are statues of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and it has a grand view. Inside the temple stands strong the statue of Rudra Shiva, which is said to be as old as 6th century. This statue is unique as on the whole body of the statue there are faces of different animals carved on it. In fact, there are many human faces carved on it as well. This is a statue, which is not a common one and one has to see the extrinsic work on the design of the statue to believe it. Around the temple, there is a beautiful park where people can relax after visiting the temple. This temple is located at the banks of Maniyari River, and it is a soothing visit all together.

Pataleshwar Kedar Temple: This is another temple, which is located in the city of Mallhar. It is said that, this place was once the capital city of this state and is one of the most significant temples in Bilaspur region. This is one of the holiest places in the state and many people gather here to offer their prayers here. According to historians; this temple was constructed long ago, around 10th or 11th century. One has to drive around 30 kilometers from Bilaspur to reach this temple. Inside the temple there is the idol of Gomukhi Shiva and on the walls of the temple, there are intricate carvings and details. Once one steps inside the temple, they can see the intricate details of the architecture and get to know how old actually the temple is by its designs and surroundings.

Khadia Dam: This is a dam, which is located in Bilaspur and it has green surroundings. The main attraction though in this region is the water sports. One can do here parasailing, bungee jumping, rock climbing and trekking as well. This place is thus very famous for those, who love adventure and indulge in these adrenaline rush sports.

Ram Tekri: This is a place which derives its name from Lord Rama and here in this place lies the famous temple of Ram and Janaki or Sita. This is a grand temple, which has statues of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman and Sita Devi. Many people gather here in order to offer their prayers and is said to be one of the holiest places in this state. Many people say that this temple was built by the Maratha ruler named Shivaji Rao Bhonsle, and this temple stretches about 3 kilometers on a hill. One can find many other statues of Hindu Gods like Kaal Bhairav and Lord Vishnu here. As it is on a hill, one can get a beautiful view of surroundings from here.

Bilaspur is a city in the state of Chhattisgarh and one can easily reach there by booking a train ticket. For food delivery in train in Bilaspur junction, one can look for the local delicacies served here.

Enjoy your holiday here!

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