Facilities to look forward to while travelling by Indian railways

For a majority of people, Indian railways are the most preferred means of transport. It is a safe, reliable and convenient means of transport by which you can reach from one part of the country to another. Even the remotest of areas, that was once upon a time, not even imaginable, is covered by Indian railways. Railways are not sitting on its laurels and every year new train, better passenger facilities and bullet trains are also being planned. All this paves way for better movement of passengers as well as goods and in the long run, contributes to the economic development of the country.

How to enjoy the facilities

One of the most important points to consider for passengers coming from all regions of the country is to get trains to any place they desire. All you need to do is to check the train routes operating in that sector and find out the train number suiting their requirements. Accordingly, they can make the booking via online platform and it is suggested that since railways are used by a majority of their masses, there is bound to be rush. So book before 120 days to get confirmed tickets

Enjoy the food

Recently, while opting to get online food delivery in train at Itarsi station, I was dumbstruck by the improved quality and taste rolled by Indian railways. Indeed, it is a big surprise that food that has been a debatable issue with Indian Railways has turned a new leaf over. In this regard, a lot has to do with the emergence of private vendors. All the favorite food that was once upon a time hardly imaginable in Indian railways is available with renewed menu. The best part is that all orders can be placed with a single click of a mouse.

More and more facilities

With each passing budget, railways are trying to introduce something new for the passengers. Online booking of tickets, checking of your reservation status, are some important features in this regard. This current year is a landmark year in the history of Indian railways as the trail run of the fastest run in Indian railways has been successful.

There are lots of facilities on offer in the Indian railways. A lot of trains have been introduced and the coaches in the present era reveal a colorful look. The new found look of Indian railways will make your long distance train journey a cozy one. The restrooms are spacious and cleanliness is one thing that the new administration of Indian Railways looks up to. From time to time, the toilets are cleaned and bottled mineral water is on offer. Well, if facilities are improved as a modern day customer you will not mind paying a bit more!

Railway security officials are on parole round the corner to avoid any untoward instances. So complaints of eve teasing and robbery as well as theft have decreased considerably in the last few years.

All this auger well for Indian railways in the days to come!

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