Food Delivery in Train at Dharmavaram Jn

Have absolute quality food while still on board

Food availability is though a social issue, but when one is travelling through Indian railway on a long route journey, it does not remain social and gets the form of personal one. Yes, there has been a long, long time when Indian Railways had countered this problem and a lot of passengers were just turning their back due to this problem only. There were a lot of routes in the past where the passengers had to travel, and the food was not being available easily. Many of the passengers had to carry food in dry forms and consume it during the journey.

The department of railway also tried hard to end this problem and as one of the solutions, it attached pantry cars to long route trains. In the pantry car, the concept was just a kitchen on wheels. Hence the idea was just to help the passengers to have food and drinks while on board. However, there were a lot of complaints about the quality, rate, quantity and behavior of staff of this service from the passengers and hence the railway had to look for another option. At this point of time, the private players in the service of food parcel raised their hands and the department also allowed them which proved as a viable option for passengers as well as department and service provider.

The food availability:

As far as the availability of food is concerned, this is the best option railway has ever got. The food parcel service is much useful for the passengers who love food as well as need food on right time. There are many people who suffer from different diseases, and they need to have food on time. For them, the food delivery at a concerned station can be arranged with the help of this service. Under this service, the passenger can ask to deliver food at a specific station. If the train is passing through Dharmavaram Jn and he needs food delivery in train at Dharmavaram Jn, he needs to instruct the service provider accordingly. As per the instruction, the delivery officer will hand over the food parcel at the mentioned station only as soon as the train arrives there.

The order:

The food parcel order placement is an easy process. One can go for it on the website or by calling the customer care number of the service provider. He needs to give a few of personal details, and his order will be booked. He can make the payment to the service provider with the help of online more or offline one. In offline mode, he can pay in cash to the officer who come to hand over the food parcel while in online he can pay by net banking, credit card or debit card. Hence the overall system is simple but yet much effective. The food is interestingly known for its taste and quality as well as quantity. As they have a number of varieties, the passenger can enjoy the journey with various foods at different times.

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