Food on the Go!!!

One of the most essential parts of any journey, irrespective of the culture is the food. Good tasteful food becomes the need while one is on the go and is wanted by young and the old. Food in India plays a very important part to an extent that people look for food even when in train.

The list of food is endless with Lucknow and it is a food pardise fromt the kababs to Biriyanis. Some of the famous dishes of this place are as follows and food delivery in Train Lucknow is something you can hardly afford to miss

  • Bolti kabab- Here small pieces of meat are heated in tender heat, and this is a starter dish that you can hardly afford to miss. It is one of the famous dishes that Lucknow has to offer and is a mughal dish

  • Tunday kabab- An interesting piece of history is attached to this dish. The name of the dish is handicapped and is modelled on a person who made this dish and he belonged to the same category. Close to a 100 masalas are involved in the making of this kabab and special care is taken so that you do not feel spicy when you have them. They melt in your mouth like an ice cream and it tates best when it is served withr rumali roti.

Each place has its own delicacy and when it comes to Lucknow food takes precedence over everything else. These days one need not wait to get to Lucknow to taste the awesome food. It can be done while one is on the way to Lucknow in the train. Food delivery in Train Lucknow is now possible. Food can be ordered in the train itself. The advantage of this is as follows:

  • Food is freshly prepared in the train pantry

  • The food retains the local flavour and has taste of the place since most of the cooks are local

There are apps especially dedicated to ordering food in the train. The process is simple and very tempting as well. To order food via app one needs to do the following:

  • Download the app

  • Make sure that the network is good enough

  • Enter the train number or the PNR number and the seat number

  • Select the station

  • Choose from the menu available

There are many options available to suite each and everyone’s taste buds. The prices are just right. The app has many famous joints attached with them.

One can also make a note of the number of eating joints which deliver meals at particular stations. However, the order has to be placed well in advance. These eating joints are known for their thali. Thali is available in three portions:

Maharaja Thali- This is meant for a family of three to four. The thali consists of enough food and variety.

Large Thali- Enough for one to two, the thali consists of rice, chapatti, dal, vegetable, pickle, curd and a sweet.

Mini Thali- Enough for single passenger.

Now food can be enjoyed in the train as well which makes the journey complete.

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