Get the quality food at your seat

Food is a primary requirement, and particularly when you are on a trip, it holds more importance. There are many people who have to travel for a long route. They usually prefer to travel by railway but since the beginning of long route journey by train, the Indian railway has been facing this trouble to offer quality food to its passengers on the train. The department came up with various solutions on time to time including the catering services on board with the help of the pantry car. But the ultimate solution to this problem was never availed. However, with the help of the modern technologies, the solution is there now. The department has shaken the hands with private food parcel service providers who can offer timely delivery of the food in the form of food parcel prepared in the hygienic kitchen.

How it works?

The food parcel service providers have a wide network and can offer the food parcel at various stations. They also have a website and customer care with the help of which the passengers can place the order of food parcel while one is on the board. The service providers can offer different sorts of food including veg as well as non-veg food options. There are a number of passengers on the travel and require food at various stations, and they can suffice all the orders on time. The requirement can be met by the trained staff and perfect system from the food parcel providers. Due to the food parcel service now the problem of food availability is almost solved.

The system:

As per the system, the passenger needs to place the order by either online system or offline system. In the online system, the passengers need to log on the website and place the order after checking the menu. If one needs to have food delivery at train Itarsi, one needs to mention it, and the delivery boy will provide the food parcel delivery at the seat of the passenger at Itarsi station. In the offline method, the passenger needs to call to the customer care and ask the executive to take the order. The items from the menu can be selected by the passenger and accordingly he gets the food parcel at the concerned station. The passengers can make the payment with the help of online or offline method. In the online system, one can use the debit or credit card as well as the net banking. While in the offline method, one can make the payment in cash.

Hence, with the help of this system, the problem of food availability is almost resolved. The passengers are also happy with the food quality and quantity as well as taste. The food parcel service provider offers best of the quality at a reasonable rate. They are also punctual for the delivery of the food parcel. It is really too helpful for the passengers of old age as well as kids who travel on a long route.

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