Go for unusual places on your next trip

India is such a country which has too many options and varieties which one cannot even think of. From cultures to languages and the places to visit; everything has too many options. One can pick and choose from innumerable places like from hill stations to serene beaches; from sunny islands to deep jungles and from snow capped mountain ranges to sandy desserts; everything is available here.

There are places which are very often traveled. These places are popular tourist destinations and mainly remain crowded and loaded by tourists almost every month of the year. But there are also many places in India, which have not been explored much and they mostly remain less crowded as they are not very popular. If one thinks that these places are not worth a visit, then they are definitely losing out on something.


This is a place which was once a hub for the merchants in the state of Rajasthan. This place has a lot of palaces; locally known as Havelis and also temples which were once built by those merchants who used to stay here. This place is said to be beautiful because of the presence of magnificent palaces and it is said to be very aesthetically appealing. Shekhwatai also has an open-air museum which is definitely another attraction here.

Tirthan Valley

Though located in a very tourist friendly state of Himachal Pradesh; this valley is much underrated. It is located in the district of Kullu and one can go for trek expeditions here as well. This place is named after River Tirthan, and it is also located at the bank of this river only.


This is said to be the first eco tourism destination which was planned in India. This is one of the most beautiful travel destinations one can think of and the major attraction here is of course the Thenmala Dam from where one can get a clear view of the entire place. Apart from that, one can enjoy all the entertainment and leisure here in this planned space.


Located in the district of Pithorgarh in the state of Uttarkhand, this is a small hamlet where one can stay and relax for a while before they are headed to the Kailash Manassarovar pilgrimage. This place has one of the rarest species of deer which are known as the Musk deer. There is a deer sanctuary as well known as the Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary.


This is a place of huge historical significance and one can visit this place to see some magnificent palaces and temples along with a number of cenotaphs and monuments, which were built centuries ago and they are still standing high with its lost glory. This is a perfect travel destination for those who love history.

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