Have a quiet and relaxed holiday in Gorakhpur

The city which lies on the banks of River Rapti and is famous for the temple of Lord Gorakshanath is known as Gorakhpur. One of the busiest cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this city also bears the name from the famous temple; the temple of Gorakshanath Temple or Gorakshanath Math which belongs to Lord Shiva. This city is situated very near to the Nepal border.

This place gas many things to see if one makes a plan to visit this city in their next vacation.

Gorakhnath Temple: This is the most popular tourist destination in this city as this temple is a very famous one. Some says, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and some believe that, this temple was built by the name of Guru Gorakhnath who was also known as the Mahayogi and said to did meditation in this temple premise long back. The temple was partially destroyed when Mughal emperors tried and attacked it. That is why; the structure was reformed later. Inside the temple, there is a Garbha Griha where lies the portrait of Guru Gorakhnath who is seen to be meditating Lord Shiva. Inside the premise of the temple, there is also a Manasarovar pond. Every year in the month of January, a festival is organized here called the Khichri Mela when many people come here to offer prayers.

The Gita Press: This is said to be the oldest and the largest publication house in India, which publishes all the Hindu texts related to religion. In the year 1932, a person named Dayal Goyandhka wanted to spread his belief in Sanatan Fharma and thus founded this press. This press is said to have published all the hundred different interpretations of the Hindu text Gita and also published ‘Ramacharitmanas,’ written by Tulsidas. Inside the press, there is an art gallery where one gets to see different paintings explaining the life of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Apart from that, in the marble adorned walls of the gallery, all the 700 verses of the Bhagavad Gita have been in scripted.

Imambara: This is a dargah which is located very near to the Gorakhpur station. This is a very ancient mosque which was built in the 18th century by a Sufi saint; whose name was Roshan Ali.

Geeta Vatika: This is a garden where the main attraction is a temple which is dedicated to the eternal lovers Lord Krishna and Radha. Many people come here to offer their prayers to this divine love, and this place is also located very near to the Gorakhpur station.

Kushmi Forest: This is a very popular tourist attraction in this city. This place is a serene one which is full of trees and animals like fox, monkeys and deer. One comes here to spend some time amidst nature and relax there. Inside the forest, there is a park for the children and an attached zoo where children can spend time.

To reach this city, one can book a train ticket and food delivery in train Gorakhpur can also be booked online.

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