Have an exciting holiday with friends?

Planning a trip soon with your friends but do not want to go to a place which is overcrowded by the tourists? Well, India never disappoints you when it comes to traveling. It has variety of places and one can pick and choose from thousands of options according to their will and wish.

Here are few choices which one can consider before finalizing a plan.

Cherai Beach, Kerala: This beach is almost 25 kilometres away from the city of Kochi. This beach is a long stretch of 10 kilometres and is also known as the ‘Princess of the Arabian Sea’. The main attraction here is that the ocean and the back waters merge here in the Cherai beach. The other attraction is the golden sand of the sea beach. The fisherman’s village is also very nearby where one can gorge on lobsters and Kerala style crab curries.

Sikkim: This place is a combination of lovely Himalayas and gorging Teesta River will leave you speechless once you step in to Sikkim. The mist clad mountains and the wavy waterfall matches its perfect cold weather. Then there are many unexplored valleys and beautiful monasteries which one cannot give a miss. Summer cannot be more beautiful than this.

Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh: This national park is a centre of bio diversity and it is spread across a land of 1985 square kilometres most of which is a dense forest. There are a large range of animal species and plants that are found here. It is the only national park in India, which has four big cat species, which are leopard, tiger, snow leopard and clouded leopard. This is also a bird’s paradise as more than 500 species of birds are viewed here.

Coorg: Popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India,’ this place is one of the most beautiful hill stations in this country. The lush green forests, tall mountains around along with coffee estates and rice valleys make this place the most exotic place to visit. One can relax along the calm and serene banks of River Kaveri and enjoy their visit at waterfalls in Iruppu, Mallali and Abbey Falls. This a perfect gate out for many who love hills and is also a beautiful honeymoon destination for the romantic couples.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: This place is also known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, and it is located in the state of Rajasthan. This is the best bird sanctuary in India where the finest bird parks of the entire world gather together. The best time to visit this place is definitely in winter. The most uncommon birds and some endangered species of birds fly down here from all corners of the world in winter. For the bird lovers, this is the most exotic place to spend a vacation.

To book tickets online, one can check the official online websites given by Indian Railways. To track your train on mobile, one can check railway sites to get all the detailed information about the train in which one decide to travel.

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