How to be better at planning while travelling?

Comfort and travel are synonyms and all of us look up to it. No matter whatever be the reason for your travel, be it leisure or business you cannot ignore the comfort part. The seat availability is a challenge in Indian railways and you should have hands on knowledge about the detailed train routes. A little flexibility needs to be exercised and the next task is to find out the exact berths vacant. You get an idea on whether you can travel in a class of your choice or look for additional options.

It is recommended that you plan your journey in advance to avoid the mad scrambling of trains. Currently, the norm is 120 days before departure and arrival of train you can book your tickets. So, before you travel, you need to be better at planning first. How to check the seat availability is understood by a series of steps mentioned below

  • You need to enter arrival and departure station
  • Opt for the date and the class of journey on the specified date
  • The result is displayed in front of you

When you click on the option search trains, the entire list of trains covering that sector is present in front of you. When it comes to choices, one is bound to be confused on what to choose and what not. Well no need to panic, as a first hand guide is available. There are five classes of births provided by Indian railways-

  • First class( AC)- two or four berths are there being a private compartment. When you avail this mode of travel, it resembles as if you are travelling from the comfort of your home. There is personal assistant at a call, the toilets are clean and refreshments provided from time to time.
  • 2 tier ( AC) – less space is there as compared to first class. 2 berths are there on two sides that are separated by curtains. Reading lamps are provided in case you are a book freak.
  • 3 tier ( AC) – there are six seats in the coupe and the arrangement is a bit cramped for space. But if you have budget constraints then you can choose this mode.
  • AC chair car- available for short duration trains of 5 to 7 hours. The chair cars are comfortable and provide you with a relaxed feelng. The AC chair car is only operation in selected routes of the country.
  • Sleeper class- Obvious choice to millions of Indians and it is similar to an AC 3 tier but no air condition is there. Food supply is not up to the standard and most often than not this class is over crowded. It is the class where the majority of Indians travel and food can be brought from the local vendors. For the best food delivery in train Vadodara Junction or any other stations, one can depend upon online food delivery companies.

To sum it up, it is suggested that you need to plan your travel in advance so that you get confirmed tickets for your journey.

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