How to keep a track of running train coach position?

Indian Railways has such a huge network that trains in large numbers commute daily running all along the length and breadth of the country and even to the remotest areas where it seems impossible to reach. When it comes to long distance travelling, most of the people prefer to travel via train. The ticket fares are affordable and within reach of a common man. The journey is definitely time consuming as compared to other modes of transport but the fun and excitement could not be even matched somewhere else as you get the chance to cherish the true beauty of nature and that too from such close proximity. India is reckoned as the land of adventure and of historical importance and rail journeys could be intriguing and promising.

Sometimes, the bigger railway junctions in the country can be confusing especially when it comes to track running train coach position. Finding your train among others and locating your coach for boarding the same could be troublesome for many. Usually, at railway stations you can see people running here and there finding their coaches and coolies carrying heavy luggage moving along with so many hawkers and travellers around making the place a big chaos. Without proper information related to your train and coach number, boarding could be more of a headache. At smaller stations, the process of boarding train is easy as compared to figuring out your train at bigger stations. You can seek help from someone and can read on the board where platform numbers and timings of the train keep on updating. Also, you can listen for the announcements being made from time to time regarding the arrival and departure of trains. Such announcements usually keep on broadcasted in Hindi, English and local language of the place. Though, due to heavy rush and voices all around, it becomes challenging for people to get to their respective position. Also, Indian trains are very much lengthy comprising more than 20 coaches so can you imagine how tiring it is going to locate your coach position.

The foremost thing you should keep in mind while keeping a track running train coach position is that coaches are categorized with particular prefixes like S for Sleeper, CC for chair car, 2A for second air conditioned class and more. Being aware of the same is pivotal for locating your coach in a train from the engine that is at the front side of the train. Usually, the coach positions in most of the trains are in sequence but it could vary from train to train so you can’t be just specific to get your coach position in a line. Coach positions could only be gathered once the reservation chart is been prepared and updated that happens about 4 hours before the departure time. With the technology usage, you can check out the position of your coach online with the help of PNR number available on the ticket and there are so many platforms that are providing such details with accuracy and you can completely rely on them. One of them is TravelKhana. So have a safe and enjoyable journey, make sure to locate your coach with the help of such online services, and board train on time.

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