Important points to consider before you plan a trip to India

India is a secular state and people here face a lot of problems after they land here. It may be the traffic or sometimes it is the weather. The following tips will ensure that you have a great trip during the course of your stay in India

Have a detailed schedule in place?

It is always better to have a well-crafted plan before you travel to India. India is a varied and vast country; it is impossible to cover the country in a single go. Traveling from one part of the country to another is also not an easy task. To start off things, you need to decide which path you want to go. You also need to look at the various modes of transport as the entire country is not connected by air. If you are planning to travel by train, then seat availability Indian railway is a major issue as most of the trains are packed to capacity. So it is suggested that you book your tickets 120 days in advance and also get your hotel accommodation sorted well in advance so that you do not encounter any hassle when you reach your destination

The cultural aspect

Many regions in India are there which are a bit conservative than the others. One cannot roam in beach wear in the city and it is better that you avoid people who are over-friendly as in the end they might turn out to be scammers. Any temples or gurudwaras should be entered barefooted and do not be surprised when people stare at you if you are a foreigner


This is a nightmare for many tourists who land up in India and it is a scenario where they tend to become overwhelmed and it gets the best out of them. So on needs to be prepared for mayhem when they are on the streets of say Delhi or Mumbai. For any appointment, it is always suggested that you leave your hotel well in advance.

Display of love

The green lawns of the five-star hotels may tempt you to hug and kiss your partner in public, but in India, it is a strict no. any show of public affection is still considered to be a taboo in India and you are likely to be put behind bars. Though the public may not come up and say anything but their stare is more than enough.

Water and food

As soon as you land in India, it is better to stick to bottled water. The reason for it is that the local water cannot be digested by each and every one. There are multiple cuisines in India and it is suggested that you try them out, but that too in small quantities. On the other hand, street, food is pretty famous in India because of its aromatic flavor and taste. On a world of caution, an individual who is not able to digest the normal restaurant food should not try them.

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