Indian Food In Train

Have a happy train journey!

We all have had a long train journey at some point, haven’t we? We have been for two meal times in the train and seen the world go by. We have had too much sleep and sleepless nights, as well in the train. Some of us have also had a bad stomach eating the pantry car food in the train. Well, now there is an option for you to have Indian food in train, that too fresh, well cooked, tasty and warm! Why put up with the shenanigans of the pantry car people and eat tasteless and boring food then?

We strive to make every train journey a beautiful one. Many a times, it is not possible to carry home cooked food along, especially when the train journey is a long one. The food goes bad, has to be thrown away, and then, the travelers are all on the mercy of the train cooked food. We provide yummy, freshly made, warm food right on the station you want it. Just use our website booking column or call our phone line and place an order. We get our vendors to pack the Indian food of your choice, from anything ranging from snacks like chole bhature or samosas to a full-fledged thali with sabzi, roti, dal and chawal into foil packs that retain the warmth and deliver you the package right at your seat. You can pre-pay and book or even pay cash on delivery to our representative.

We aim at providing the customer a stress free journey by easing out the food issue at least. Allow us to serve you fine food and finer dining experience, minus the compromises and risks of eating at random, unhygienic or outright pathetic places. We have a flourishing network of serving over 2000 trains in India, and we operate on more than 200 railway stations across the country.

Happy and safe travel!

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