IRCTC Starts E-Catering Service on 120 Trains

An exemplary initiative by the IRCTC is e-catering services. It comes across as a boon for plethora of travelers, who travel long distance on a regular basis, e-catering vouches for pleasant and hygienic services. One can enjoy range of cuisines like north Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Mughlai. Covering more than 120 trains which run for long distance, irctc ecatering is a segment of service which being appraised by one and all.

How Does It Work?

Ecatering services works like magic. All one needs to do is to look for a particular train and browse the menu options, which are available there. Bouquet of sumptuous meals can be chosen which are intricately designed to cater to the needs and like of one and all. One can click the desired options and place the order for the particular date. Payment can be done online or can be scheduled to be done once the food is delivered. In either case, the procedure is very simple. One can also book the desired food for someone who is travelling by mentioning their train number, berth and the desired date of travel. Simple clicks and the work are done.

Reason Behind This Initiative -

Train journeys are the preferred mode of transportation for long travels. They are several trains, which run for continuous twenty four hours and more. Here, the basic problem faced by the travelers is the issue of food. Carrying food for long journey becomes a hectic task and the probability of the food getting stale is another issue. Further, in many cases, owing to the busy life schedule, one is unable to cook food which later on creates problems in journeys. Passengers of superfast trains, which have minimal stoppages, face this problem since the train doesn’t stop in many stations and hence getting food becomes a very big problem. All the more, specific region people prefer their own kind of food, while getting the same in long journeys becomes a problem. Keeping all these factors in mind, it became imperative to look out for options wherein food can be got easily and as per the whims of the passengers. Hence, IRCTC started the e-catering service, which vouches for easy delivery at all times and offers bouquet of food items suiting the taste buds of every kind. Special food items are designed keeping the needs and requirements of kids and senior citizen to offer a complete and satisfactory package. There is a set menu which can be viewed on online sites and one can select one or more than one items.

Providing fresh foods ranging from platter of cuisines is one of the highlight of these catering services. Food can be got as and when required and the desired cuisine can be selected. All the more, hygiene is maintained, which ensures the quality of the food. Proper care is taken for packaging of the food and hence they can be relied upon.

A really amazing initiative, IRCTC e-catering service is one of the most desired and reliable food services available in train.

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