Is availing of food in Indian railways a desired option?

Travelling by Indian railways is fun and a pleasure filled activity. The views one can see from the window, rocking of the train, chit chatting with passengers is something that you cannot find in any corner of the world. But the sheen is taken of the Indian railways because of one bad thing- that is the food. Numerous complaints have emerged in this regard and one step that has been taken by Indian railways in this regard is the emergence of private outlets. The reasons on why these outlets have been able to carve an identity for themselves in a short span of time are as follows-

• They have a variety of cuisines to choose from. Be it from North to South Indian, Chinese, continental, fast food, etc., the options are unlimited.

• The food comes from companies that are pretty prompt in delivery and the onus is on health consciousness in preparing food. The unkempt and unhygienic methods of cooking food are a thing of the past.

• One can order the food from the website, a phone call or with the help of app based services. In addition to this, you can book your train tickets, know the schedule as a single click on the website takes you to the home page of Indian railways. You can order food in running train with the help of app services

• These companies have been in service for the last 2 years and have thousands of satisfied customers on their roster. The numbers are bound to increase in the immediate future as they are planning to expand to the smaller cities.

• Special emphasis is laid on non veg dishes as very few restaurants are catering to this segment. Very few of them are known for their taste that includes hygiene, washing and selection of meat. The online food delivery companies before linking up with a particular restaurant have stringent standards in place. An inquiry is made about them before they give a nod to include them on their website. The health and safety along with quality meals is on their mind before bringing any restaurant on board

All of us stand on one point that we have a problem in the manner food is cooked and served in Indian railways. There have been numerous instances where after consumption of food in Indian railways people have fallen sick. With these companies, one does not have to worry as the food is not prepared in a pantry car, but in the kitchen of a restaurant. The obvious fact is that some stringent quality controls have to be in place in a restaurant. The timing is one aspect which the customers need to ensure that matches with the timings of the restaurant and then place an order. It is not only meals, but they also keep a stock of snacks and beverages that you can order as per your needs. You can order these services for your near and dear ones travelling on train.

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