Itarsi: Simplicity in its heart

Located in the hear state of India, which is Madhya Pradesh, Itarsi is a small city. This is again located exactly in the middle of the state and to the south of it lays Hoshangabad. Itarsi is mainly famous for its agricultural foods and the main occupation of the local people here is the cultivation of food grains and other items by farming. As the story revolves this city is named from two local Hindi words. It is a combination of ‘Int’ meaning brick and ‘rassi’ meaning rope. If one wonders that if this place is famous for its agriculture then why this name? The answer for them is, in the past years this place used to trade bricks and ropes in large amount to other places. Itarsi, apart from these, also has an Ordnance Factory, which produces a lot of products which are needed for the Indian Armed Forces.

They eat what they produce

The local people of this region mainly live on the agricultural items that they cultivate and produce here, and as a result of this, the local foods consumed here and served here are mainly those food items, which are grown here in the field by local people. In addition to the field products, dairy products also occupy the list of ingredients of local cuisines prepared here. Rice and paddy are the staple food of this region along with ghee, milk and butter which are consumed on a regular basis. When looking for food delivery in Itarsi, one must not forget to taste the famous Daal Baafla here. This is a slight variation dish of the famous Rajasthani cuisine Daal Baati Churma. Here, it is made with a local twist. Most of the dishes served here by the local people are vegetarian in nature. The most famous breakfast item served here are hot Aloo Parathas and fresh cold curd from the dairies.

There are some places in Itarsi, which gathers a lot of tourist attentions. One can also take a view of these places when traveling to Itarsi.

Places to visit

Bori Wildlife Sanctuary: This is said to be the oldest forest reserves in India. This Bori Wildlife Sanctuary merges with the Panchmari Wildlife Sanctuary and the Satpura national park. All these three national parks together form the famous Panchmari Biosphere Reserve in India. This Bori National Park was formed long ago in 18th century and since then it is a famous place which gathers a lot of tourist attentions. People who visit here can also take a wild safari through the park. The animals which are mainly found here are Tiger, Gaur and Barking Deer.

Hoshangabad: Lying along the bank of River Narmada, this place is situated in the south of Itarsi. The famous Adamgarh Hills lies here. These hills are famous for the carving of stones done by the ancient inhabitants and are famously known as the petro glyph. There is also a temple near Salkanpur where Goddess Durga in worshipped.

Itarsi mainly thrives on agriculture and the local people are simple.

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