Itarsi: The Heart of Simple India

Itarsi is a city located in Madhya Pradesh. This is a city which is just situated in the middle of the country, and to its south lays the city of Hoshangabad. It is famous for its agricultural goods as the main occupation of this region is farming and cultivating food items. This city has its name derived from the local Hindi words ‘Int,’ which means brick and ‘rassi,’ which means rope. In the past years, these two things were widely traded from this region. Hence, the name. The railway junction of Itarsi is one of the oldest and busiest railway junctions of this state. This city also has an Ordnance factory, which produces products for the Indian Armed Forces.

Places to visit

Hoshangabad: This city lies along the bank of River Narmada. This place has the famous Adamgarh Hills. The petro glyphs on these hills are a must watch. It is said that in ancient times, the local people or tribe, who used to inhabit there formed those carving on stones and thus created some beautiful pieces of history. It should not be missed while taking a tour in this city. There is also a temple near Salkanpur where Goddess Durga is worshipped and the famous Sethani Ghat, which is also to be visited.

Tawa Reservoir: This is commonly known as the Tawa dam. It is situated at the confluence of River Tawa and River Denwa. It is said to be the third largest water reservoir in the Narmada Valley Project.

Bori Wild Life Sanctuary: It is considered to be the oldest forest reserves in India. This wild life sanctuary merges with the Panchmari Sanctuary and the Satpura National Park. The three of them together form the famous Panchmari Biosphere Reserve in India. This national park was formed way back in the 18th century. One can take a wild life safari through this national park. Tourists often get to see animals like Barking Deer, Tiger and Gaur here while taking a safari.

Taste of simplicity

The local people here mainly depend on the agricultural food items, which are cultivated in this region. That is why the local cuisine of Itarsi mainly consists of food items that are grown here by the local people. Apart from rice and paddy; ghee, milk and other dairy products are also consumed on a regular basis. The famous local food served here is Daal Bafla. It is said that this dish is a slight variation from the famous Rajasthani dish called Daal Bati Churma and has a local twist as well. This place mainly provides vegetarian dishes, and there are too many dish varieties, which are prepared with milk. They also serve Aloo Paratha with fresh curd here.


Itarsi is a place where agriculture thrives. The local cuisine has a taste of simplicity just like the people who reside there. Thus, while traveling to Itarsi, one gets to taste those simplicities through their cuisines. The food delivered for Itarsi are medium spiced and very delicious as well.

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