Jain Food In Train

Attention Jain travelers! We serve Jain food on train!

Jainism is one of the ancient religions of India. Jains are popular for their Ahimsa principle, fasting rituals and, of course, – their food reservations. It is of common note that Jains have a completely different food reservation system and do not eat many vegetables and ingredients in the Indian cuisine. Avoiding many vegetables and eatables means their food is way different than the normal vegetarian food. This also means, they have a tough time travelling in trains on long journeys, as food of their taste and choice is not readily available everywhere. But why should one’s religious and cultural opinions make a dirty patch on how much they enjoy on a journey?

We understand this requirement for fresh, proper and delicious Jain food for the Jain traveler in the trains and we provide select Jain food in train. You just have to log on to our website, select the Jain food options placed there, and we can get the Jain food delivered right on your berth in the train. You can also order Jain snacks through our website. There is also a convenient phone line for your ease. The food is packed hygienically and delivered to you on your seat at your specified station.

For more convenience of the traveler, there is the option of online payment for the food you order. If you do not want to opt for online payment, pay cash when the food reaches you. It will be clarified right at the time of ordering if you can choose one out of the two options or both modes of payment are available. We are concerned for every Jain traveler’s happiness, and good food brings a big smile!

Enjoy your journey using our reliable network of serving food on the go on over 200 railway stations. We are delivering food in over 2000 trains as of now, and the number is still on the rise.

Happy and safe travel!

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