Kerala and its serene backwaters

Kerala is a lovely state to visit. It is a nature’s abode and one gets mesmerized by its natural beauty when they land in this beautiful state. This place is actually a traveler’s delight and once you land there, it is a serene place in a nature’s abode.

Kerala is said to be god’s own country and this place should be visited at least once in life. One can reach easily to this state by booking a ticket in train. At present, it is very easy to reserve a train ticket as one can book a ticket online from websites and also choose their berths according to their preferences. One can also cancel their tickets even if there is an emergency with a very minimum cancellation charge. The cancellation charge always depends upon the gap remaining between the date of cancellation and the date of journey. In fact, there is also e catering services in trains these days. Food services in train have also improved a lot. One can also order food and drinks when they are traveling if the train has a pantry car.

Kerala has a lot of serene places and beaches to visit. But there are also some offbeat places which many people do not know about. That is why these places are a bit quiet and away from the regular holiday crowds.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

This place is located at Kasaragod which is the farthest north point of this state. This is the most beautiful back water area in Kerala one can think of. This backwater is formed by four rivers and in the confluence of these four rivers stands a little island. This place is again just 30 kilometers away from Bekal and one can also visit the Bekal Fort from here. One can also indulge into boating and hiking like adventure sports at the mangrove trail of Malabar which is nearby.

Kavvayi Back water

This is at Payyanur in Kerala and this backwater is considered to be the largest one in this state. One can find some beautiful house boats which one can book and spend a night there staring at the starry sky. There are also temples in Payyanur which one can visit and then there is Edayilakadu Island where there is a forest where holy snakes are worshipped.

Marine Drive

Yes! Do not get surprised by the name. There is also a Marine Drive in Kochi too. The sunset point in this beach is the most exquisite thing to watch. The marine walk away is also a perfect place to stroll leisurely and this place is a perfect one to spend a relaxing holiday. There are also many small and cozy coffee shops where one can laze in the evenings.

Padanna Backwaters

This is again a very soothing and serene place to visit and when one is visiting this place, they can also visit the Padanna Village. This village is the center of oyster harvesting and this is a lovely place to be.

Visit the not so popular places of Kerala and get amazed.

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