Lunch in Train

No need to carry – lunch will find you on the train!

Tired of the entire luggage you have to carry when traveling with family? There would be so many bags that you might lose count of the big and small bags you are tugging along! This will especially be painful if the journey is long and the seats to put the bags underneath of are limited. Right? And on top of this, if you carry the food bag too, God, are you doomed?

Having a decent meal in the train has always been a big deal in India. We are all skeptical of the quality of food served by the railway catering, we cannot trust the local vendors on the railway station and we cannot carry that much lunch for a long journey; who wants to eat stale food? Then what to do? Where’s your lunch this time? Asking relatives to bring over food and supplies on a station they live around is too much of an embarrassment, right? Quit this habit, when we can serve you delicious, home –like and freshly made lunch in train!

We are just a couple of clicks away. Search for us on your smart phone, choose from the variety of items we have for order and pick your choice. Place an order with your details and that’s all! We can get vendors to deliver the food right on your berth, in the train. Pay them there and then, or pre pay using online banking. Choose form a plethora of options including meals, snacks, vegetarian food, non veg, Mughlai, Chinese, continental, as well as, Jain food varieties.

We make a happy traveler out of you, by getting people to serving you great tasting food! Hunger will not make your journey great, but good food will! We are currently serving 2000 trains on 200 plus stations, the number going up with each day!

Have a fun journey with great food, order today!

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