Make a unique vacation plan: Visit Offbeat Places this time

Planning for holidays is an easy job now. One does not have to take a lot of load to plan a holiday as they can book everything online. From train tickets to hotel accommodations and car bookings, everything can be done sitting at home with some clicks. There are websites for everything, and one can compare and choose the best options for them.

People tend to plan holidays into those places, which are very common. But have you thought about the rarest places, which can be a part of your holiday plan too? Well, there are many such places in India, about which people have never heard off. But these places are an ultimate revelation when you reach there.

Surprise yourself by planning a vacation here

India never stops surprising us. So does its offbeat places. Once you plan a holiday in one of these places, you will definitely fall in love with them. So why wait? Choose one of the following places and start of your vacation. These are the places if you do not see; it will be loss for you.

Kuldhara: The Ghost Village: Those who are strong hearted and have an adventure streak in them can explore this place. This almost ruined village is very nearby to Jaisalmer of Rajasthan. Local people say this village to be cursed, and they have left this place completely abandoned. It is said to be built by the Palliwal Brahmins and was once one of the largest villages of Rajasthan. One can have a spooky experience there.


Ropkund Skeleton Lake: This place is also not for the faint hearted. In the lap of Himalayas, this place is the most picturesque one with crystal clear lake water. But what one finds at the edge of lake are hundreds of human skeletons. One may get scared by listening to it, but once you are there, the experience is different all together. One can also plan for a snow trekking here during winter.


Mawsynram: We have read a lot about this place in our geography text books at school. We know that this place faces the highest amount of rain in India. But have you ever planned to pay a visit here? If not yet, then it’s high time to make a plan. It is a small village in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. The quiet ambience and the lush green nature will make you feel fresh.


Drass in J & K: Jammu and Kashmir is a tourist’s delight as it is called the Switzerland of India. But have you ever thought of exploring the coldest place of this region? If not, then plan it now. Travel to Drass, which is the second coldest place with inhabitants in the entire world. It is located in Kargil.


One can reach any of the above places by availing trains that run to the nearest railway stations. One can book train tickets online and can also order food for train journey from a pantry car or private catering services.

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