Make Your Train Journey Healthy by Getting Hygienic & Tasty Foods at Lucknow

In this day and age, every one of us looks to be extremely health conscious. We look for hygienic and healthy foods. But can it be possible while traveling in trains? Unhygienic foods are common to be served to train passengers. According to an article published in the Times of India dated July 19,2014, jute rope in samosa and cockroach in lunch pack were found in food served to passengers onboard trains including premium ones.

If we go by the complaints registered in the railway register, we will find that several passengers complaining of bad stomach, acidity and nausea after eating the food served by ‘authorized’ contractors in prominent trains. There has also been news of ‘spoilage of lunch’ or missing of paranthas from the dinner menu.

However, if such news detains you from boarding a train, don’t panic. Now you can get healthy and hygienic meals while traveling in trains. Taking the complaints lodged by passengers seriously, many big private companies have started providing a variety of dishes to travelers. You are lucky enough to book your ticket in a train via Lucknow as you can easily get foods of your choice in your train at Lucknow railway station.

Popular Companies -

Some of the top companies that are engaged in food delivery in train at Lucknow are,, and IRCTC. Some of the popular foods in the ‘city of nawaabs’ are kebabs, biryani, khasta kachri, kulfi many others. The food delivery companies have been established with an aim to provide customers with quality, tasty and quantity of foods at affordable prices.

Foods on Offer -

Whatsoever you want to order while traveling you can get as a variety of mouth watering dishes are available at the food vendors like South Indian dishes, north Indian foods, and non-vegetarian items, Italian, Chinese, special thalis, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, rolls, beverages, soft drink, crispy vada, ice creams, gulab jamuns, etc.

Booking Time -

Since trains often run late, there is no fix time to place your order for meals. Service is available round the clock. You can book order for foods anytime and anywhere. Yes, you just need to remember that booking should be done at least one hour prior to reaching the preferred destination where you want to get foods. This little time allows food vendors to prepare fresh meals.

How to Order Foods -

For passenger convenience, food delivery companies facilitate may modes of booking. You can call the service providers directly and tell the PNR number, preferred station and the time when you want foods at your seat. You can send PNR, train name or number, through an SMS to the number specified by the company or you can place your order through their official website. You can also download mobile app for more convenience. With all these facilities, getting quality foods in train has become so easy. You can easily avoid the meals served to you by authorized contractors in trains.

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