Patna to Indore train list

Are you the one browsing for fast trains running from Patna to Indore? Here you can actually check out the train nos. and name operating in between Patna and Indore. There are in general 4 weekly trains plying in between Patna to Indore. The most preferable and opted trains from Patna station to Indore junction are Patna Junction Indore Junction Bg Special, Indore Express and Rjndr Ngr Bihar Indore Junction Bg Express.

Among all of the weekly trains running between Patna and Indore, the first train that is known to depart from Patna station is the Indore Express running with train no. 19314 at 11:10 AM and the last train that departs from Patna heading towards Indore station is the Patna to Indore trains running with train no. 09306 at 23:10 PM.

In Indore, only one junction is present with Indore Junction Bg/ INDB whereas in Patna, 4 stations are there present as Patna Saheb/PNC, Rjndr Ngr Bihar/RJPB, Patna Junction/PNBE and Phulwari Sharif/PWS. Apart from this, if you are planning to travel in anyone of them make sure to book tickets in advance and check for seat availability via Travel Khana’s platform. Travel Khana is been engaged into providing tasty and fresh food delivery to passengers at their berths without any delay and also been providing other services like check pnr status, seat availability in trains, Indian railways time table and more. It has tied up with IRCTC in order to proffer updated and reliable services and in a short span of time period, it has gained huge recognition in the industry as well.

Train No. Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
9306 Patna Junction Indore Junction Bg Special Patna Junction (23:10) Indore Junction Bg (01:10) 26h 0m
19322 Rjndr Ngr Bihar Indore Junction Bg Express Rjndr Ngr Bihar (11:10) Indore Junction Bg (15:20) 28h 10m
19314 Indore Express Rjndr Ngr Bihar (11:10) Indore Junction Bg (15:20) 28h 10m

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