Planning a trip to India!!!

Incredible India is the name when you think of the country? For most of us travelling to India, we do not like to have a fixed schedule in place, as travel plans can go haywire  at the last minute. You may find a place where you would like to stay a wee bit longer or suddenly a destination may come up that was not on your original schedule. But travelling to India is a challenge, and it is suggested that some amount of planning and research needs to be done. Just planning a rough route and major attractions of the place will save a lot of time and effort at your end.

India is a subcontinent and the weather of one part of the country to another change at the drop of a hat. On a general consensus, the best time to visit India would be during the winter months of November to December as the weather is pleasant with cool temperatures. Come March, the weather turns hot and sultry with most of India being covered by heat waves. This is followed by the monsoon season where travelling is a major nightmare of sorts. But if your destination is Leh or Himalayas, then you need to avoid the winter season as the temperatures will be chilly and summer season is the better option in this regard.

The best aspect of travelling in India is the diversity in culture. Be it the backwaters of Kerala, to the snow-capped Himalayas, this place has it all. There are the lot of things to explore in India, but my suggestion to the tourists would be to go slow. This is a place where you do not need to rush up things as then the enjoyment of the trip will fade away. If you have less time at your disposal, then it is better that you concentrate on a single area . Think about your areas of interest – be it food, history, or wildlife. India has it all and based on your interest choose the destination.

India is a place where travelling is pretty cheap. You can pack your bags on a shoestring budget and travel across the length and breadth of the country. But if you do not have budgetary considerations then there are a whole lot of hotels in India where you can explore the beauty of the country.

One of the biggest concerns that people have before they travel to India is health. Seek the professional advice of a doctor and if the need arises opt for vaccinations. Do not leave everything for the last moment as most of the vaccinations require 6 to 8 weeks for their course to be completed.

To avoid falling sick, during the course of the journey do not drink tap water. Always opt for mineral water and avoid consumption of street food as  quality is not full proof. It is best that you stick to vegetarian food during the course of your journey as too many spices can have a telling effect on your belly. Jain food delivery in train at Itarsi Station can be an option if you are travelling by train.

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