Rail Travel in the Digital Era

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation perform many functions of the Indian Railways. The major part of its functioning is the introduction and running of the e ticketing system for the country’s huge railway network. It handles the online reservation enquiry system, PNR enquiry, train enquiry, fare enquiry, enquiries about trains between important stations and railway enquiry. It handles the online train ticket booking for the railways, booking easily the highest number of tickets per day. It also handles the railway’s railway enquiry system connected with the telephone number 139 and the SMS-based mobile booking. This is in addition to many other functions.

E Ticketing System -

The introduction of the online information and booking system on the portal www.irctc.com has made it easy for millions of train travelers to get their tickets easily and quickly, without having to spend hours and hours in uncomfortable queues, as was the case just before the launch of the online system.

Everything Online -

Any person now wishing to travel by train from one station to another can easily find out by logging in to railway portals all the information needed for the travel. Such information includes

  • the number and names of trains running between the two stations,
  • the type of the trains like express, superfast or passenger,
  • the departure timings at the source station and the arrival timings at the destination station,
  • the routes taken by various trains from the source station to the destination station,
  • the stations along the route and the time of reaching them,
  • the fare for various classes and after various concessions
  • the availability of seats on those trains,
  • and actual booking of a confirmed or waitlisted ticket for the journey by paying the fare through net banking or through credit or debit cards.

More Web Portals -

Web portals of many private companies like TravelKhana now help the passengers to get seat availability on trains. When a passenger decided upon a seat, TravelKhana transfers the passenger to the IRCTC portal for the final booking of the ticket. Official railway websites like www.irctc.co.in also perform similar functions in addition to their specific functions.

Do It from Home -

The IRCTC train schedule is a huge system. The Indian Railway network runs more than 8000 trains every day carrying millions of people. The magnitude of the operation is too big to be easily visualized. Millions of passengers wait at thousands of stations across the country to catch a train that will take them to work, back home, to school or college, on business or on a pleasure trip. Thousands of them are logging in every moment to get some information or the other. The IRCTC online portal is doing this huge job with remarkable efficiency. Thus the online portals are doing a great service to millions of train travelers by giving them the necessary information promptly and correctly.

Planning of any train journey has now become simple. Anyone can do it entirely from the comfort of the home or the office. The confirmed tickets for the entire journey can be obtained while sitting in the home with the home computer. That is the Indian Railways in the digital era.

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