Railway Canteen

Don’t worry; you don’t need railway catering food anymore!

For so many years now, train travel has been synonymous with having to bear pathetic train catering food, which always managed to put one’s mood off and spoil the fun of railway travel. What a bad start to the vacation one has been looking forward to! Especially in long journeys, it has always been a struggle to find something worth eating on the railway stations where the train halts, as the pantry car food is not even good enough to be eaten for one meal, let alone the entire journey. But not anymore! We have great news; you do not have to tolerate the tasteless meals railway canteen offers, when you have us.


Our network offers great tasting, yummy, freshly made to order food for you. You just have to log on to our website and place the order of your choice. We have a wide choice list and you can take a pick from vegetarian and non vegetarian options from various cuisines. Do not forget to mention the travel details like your train number, seat details, and the station you want the food delivery on and the well packed, warm and choicest tasty food arrives at your seat! Just as you would want!

Pay right there with cash or pay online while you are ordering food, we accept both. Now bad and unhygienic railway canteen food is a thing of the past, and good food of your choice reaches you when you want it to. You don’t even have to get out of your compartment, let alone your bogie! No need to rush on the platform and risk missing the train or come across any accident; just have amazing, lip smacking food with convenience. Give us a chance to make your journey a comfortable and fun by having yummy food, not from the railway canteen!

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