Some famous places to visit in Maharashtra

Akola is a place located in the state of Maharashtra. Local people serve some best delicacies here which one should try when they are visiting this place.

As white rice is the staple food of the local people, curries along with it are must. Be it Aamti (which is a lentil curry made of Tur Daal and Chickpeas) or Kadhi (a mix of besan and buttermilk); it has to be present there in the meal. They also prepare Solkadhi. It is a curry prepared with coconut milk. But the important thing is that it is not a traditional Marathi dish. It has come over from the Konkani region and has made a place amon the local people’s taste buds.

The local people prepare some mild and some spicy dishes as well. Wheat and rice being the staple food of this place, the people of Akola also cook vegetables and lentils. When you look for food delivery in train at Akola junction, you will find a good use of cashews and peanuts in their dishes. These are mainly used in the dishes cooked with vegetables.

There are many other places to visit in Maharashtra than Akola. If one is planning their next holiday in this state, then here are some place suggestions which they can take a note of.

Konkan Coast Beaches: There are a number of soothing and beautiful sea beaches which are lined along the Konkan coast and they are serene and very relaxing. One can spend a couple of days in these beaches and relax fully. The famous beaches here are Tarkarli Beach, Ganapatitule Beach, Velneshwar Beach, Dapoli Beach and Kashid Beach. These are the most exotic sea beaches of this state which one should visit.

Ajanta Ellora Caves: These are the rock cut caves, which are located in the city of Aurangabad and have a great historical importance. These are the natural caves, which are beautiful and one has to visit them when they are visiting Maharashtra. Apart from the caves, one can also visit the Bibi Ka Maqbara, Daulatabad Fort and Aurangabad Gate here.

Lavassa Hill City: This is the first planned hill city in this state and it has been built around the seven hills of the Mose Valley, which is located in the Western Ghats. This is a very exotic place where one can book a resort and spend a day having a relaxing spa while enjoying the scenic beauty of the hills.

Bhigwan: Bhigwan is a small town known as Bharatpur of Maharashtra situated around 100 km away from Pune on the Pune Sholapur Highway. The backwater of Ujani Dam is proposed as a sanctuary for migratory birds around the town of Bhigwan, an amazing place to see wetland migratory birds Greater Flamingo, Ducks and Purple Heron.

These are the few places which one can visit when they are in Maharashtra. They can also visit many other places as options are never ending in this state. So, plan a holiday here, especially in monsoon as this is the best season to visit Maharashtra.

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