Some top dishes during the month of Diwali

Come October, Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) preparations are in full swing. From the historical perspective, it is stated that Lord Rama after 14 years of exile, returned with his wife and brother. During the period of exile, he defeated Ravana. When he returned back to Ayodhya, the villagers and his relatives welcomed him by lighting diyas or candles and had some mouthwatering dishes on a platter. So the logic is after 18 to 20 days after Dussehra, Diwali is celebrated. This festival is also known as the festival of lights and victory of good over evil. Diwali also means lot of sweets and snack items and some of them are as follows-


A cuisine of North India, it is very much in demand. Cones of Maida flour are filled with a combination of dry fruits or semolina and when you add sugar or Khao to it, the taste will emerge to another world.

Gulab Jamun

One can never say no to this mouthwatering sweet dish. Round, soft, dipped in sugar, it is an icon sweet dish for the Indians. It is more enjoyable when served hot and that too in a kulhad. Because of its hard warming color, it is also known as Lal Mohan.

Besan laddu

A delight for children and one of the anticipated sweet dishes in Diwali. It is very simple to make as you need ghee, sugar, oil, besan and dry fruits if you need. The moment you have the first bite, a smile will spring onto your face. Though Indian is a home to a host of mouth-watering sweet dishes, the audacity and flavor of besan laddu is something hard to compare.

Namak pare

One of the favorites of many during the festive season, it can be stored for a longer time. It brings a salty taste to your mouth during the festive season after being on an overdose of sweets.


After plenty of sweet dishes on your plate, something salty or nimky is hard to resist. Normally there are two types of mathari, one is baked and the other one fried. If you are of the health conscious type, then you can opt for the baked one as less oil content is there. On the downside, it becomes a little hard after baked. On the personal front, I loved the fried one and the ingredients of this dish are maida flour with salt, and oil. The onus is on you to bake or fry it.

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