Swatantrata Sainani Express

Want to know about the train schedule of 12562 Swatantrata Sainani Express? It is a superfast express train operated as per the Indian Railways running with train nos. 12562 and 12561 in between Darbhanga junction and New Delhi station across the country. Train no. 12561 runs from Jainagar to Madhubani Darbhanga junction and head towards New Delhi whereas train no. 12562 Swatantrata Sainani Express runs in the reverse direction serving all across the states of Delhi, UP and Bihar all around the nation.

It comprises 1st AC 1st class cum AC 2 tier, 1 AC 3 tier, 1 AC 2 tier, general unreserved coaches and 13 sleeper coaches. Depending on the demand and rush of passengers, coach composition can be amended in accord to Indian Railways. Covering an overall distance journey of 1166 kms, train no. 12561 takes 22 hours and 30 minutes of time and 12562 takes 22 hours and 40 minutes of time in reaching its destination.

The average speed of the Swatantrata Sainani Express is above 55 km/hour and in accord to Indian Railways rules; the fare involves a superfast surcharge. 12562 Swatantrata Sainani Express departs New Delhi station on daily basis at 20:35 hours and reaches Jainagar station next day at 19:155 hours. On the other side, 12561 Swatantrata Sainani Express departs Jainagar station on daily basis at 14:00 hours and reaches New Delhi station next day at 12:30 hours. The stoppages took by the superfast express includes Samastipur junction, Muzaffarpur junction, Hajipur junction, Sonpur junction, Chhapra, Suraimanpur, Ballia, Yusufpur, Ghazipur city, Aunrihar junction, Varanasi junction, Gyanpur road, Allahabad junction, Kanpur central, Aligarh junction, and Ghaziabad junction.


Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
NDLS New Delhi» 20:35
ALJN Aligarh Junction 22:32 22:34 2m
CNB Kanpur Central 2:40 2:45 5m
ALD Allahabad Junction 5:30 5:55 25m
GYN Gyanpur Road 7:02 7:04 2m
BHLP Bhulanpur 8:00 8:01 1m
BSB Varanasi Junction 8:25 8:35 10m
ARJ Aunrihar Junction 9:18 9:20 2m
GCT Ghazipur City 9:50 9:55 5m
YFP Yusufpur 10:15 10:17 2m
BUI Ballia 11:05 11:10 5m
SIP Suraimanpur 11:43 11:45 2m
CPR Chhapra Junction 12:45 13:00 15m
SEE Sonpur Junction 13:53 13:55 2m
HJP Hajipur Junction 14:08 14:10 2m
MFP Muzaffarpur Junction 15:25 15:30 5m
SPJ Samastipur Junction 16:35 17:00 25m
DBG Darbhanga Junction• 17:50 17:55 5m
SKI Sakri Junction 18:15 18:17 2m
MBI Madhubani 18:33 18:35 2m
JYG Jaynagar 19:15

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