The ease of food: an added value to your trip

The journey can be of a short or long distance, but the experience of the journey matters a lot. There are numerous routes on which end number of trains keep on running and helping the travellers to reach their destinations at fixed time. The department of railway strives hard to make them reach with great ease and on time. There are lots of changes it has brought to the way it works and many newer services also. With the increased competition in the field, it has also accepted professional attitude and changed its ways to attract more passengers as well as increase the revenue.

The modernization and Indian Railways:

With the change in time and technology, the Indian railway also focused on modernizing its infrastructure and services. As a part of it, the computers were initially launched and later all the systems are computerized. Being it a grand success, the department moved one step ahead and launched a number of applications that can help the passengers in different ways so that they don’t need to go to the station and inquire for the concerned information. The online booking, payment for ticket, seat availability and PRN status check are some of the known features that are highly popular among passengers today.

The food availability: A historical trouble for Railways

In the long route journey, the passengers need quality and on time food supply. Considering this requirement, the department tried hard to find the best possible solution. However, pantry on wheels, food parlours on the platform and such other alternatives failed badly, and therefore finally the department shook hands with private players in the area of food parcel supply. They have a large network of restaurants and able to set a perfect setup that can offer the food parcel to a passenger who is still on-board. They developed a system as per which the passenger can order a food parcel while he is on-board or before it and ask the delivery at a particular station. In case the passenger is in Jammu Tawi Express, he can ask the food delivery in Jammu Tawi Station, and the supplier makes all the necessary arrangements for the same.

The System:

The system to order the food is simple. One can place the order by a phone call or with the help of a website. In both the options, one can know the menu and decide the food he would love. He can have fresh and delicious food at the station concerned. The food is also perfectly packed and prepared in a healthy environment. He needs to show his preference of the station where he wants the delivery of the food while placing the order.

The passenger while placing the order needs to provide his PNR number and name as well as contact details. He can make the payment by cash as well as the card. There are various menu options for veg and non-veg food lovers and therefore within a short span, this facility has been much popular among all the passengers.

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