The Famous Food of Bhubaneshwar

Located on the eastern fringes of India, one may confuse Bhubaneshwar with the synonym of “The temple city of India.” It has plenty to offer from the historical and cultural aspects and well who can forget the cuisine aspect. The cooking style of the state is different from the rest of the country and it has an aura to it. I was among the fortune few to have experienced a glimpse of it during the course of food delivery in Bhubaneshwar station.

It is the capital of Odisha and ranks among the oldest cities of the country. It is regarded as one of the planned cities in modern India and historical monuments in and around the city are a testimony to that.


It is one of the specialties of the region. As the state boasts of a wide coastline, seafood is pretty common in this part of the world. It is found in abundance and the culture of sweet sea fish is also existent. It is a region that boasts of multiple cuisines and not only fish, crabs, lobsters are also found. Bhubaneshwar is a place where you can feast on certain mouth-watering fish cuisines.


Let us start off with Rasmalai. Have roots in Bengal, it slowly soared in popularity across other parts of the country. Ras malai means a combination of juicy milk cream. It is white, cream yellow balls of cottage cheese with dry fruits smeared and a tinge of cardamom for a distinct flavor.

Being a cultural state also contributes to the popularity of sweets. Celebrations and festivals are common round the year and that time sweets take center stage. During the festival time, puli and pitha are two common dishes made. Malpoa is a specific sweet dish that is made during the festival time.


Available in a variety of range, seafood is delicious in taste. The major difference between the snacks of Bhubaneshwar with other parts of the country is that it is fried in less oil. The specialty of the snacks is the healthy taste. They are a must for your evening appetite and it is found in almost all the sweet shops of the region.


No cuisine is complete without the mention of Mahaprasad that is a unique cuisine of Bhubaneshwar. It connotes offerings of Jagannath temple, located in Puri which is a small distance away from Bhubaneshwar. The delicacy and taste of Mahaprasad cannot be compared and people of Bhubaneshwar are very fond of it.

To conclude, Bhubaneshwar offers a wide choice in terms of cuisine for food buffs. Though other delicacies are available, seafood is the specialty of the region. As crabs and lobsters are found in abundance, obviously seafood has to top the charts. Apart from this street food is another specialty of the region. Be its chaat, Gol Gappa, Ghugni, it has won the admiration of the local people along with the tourists. Especially for the veggies, it is a food delight and sweets are an integral aspect of the diet.

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