The importance of planning when you decide to travel by Indian railways

An obvious fact is that an individual may be planning a trip for a long trip as a source of vacation in the company of his family and close friends. In such a scenario, it becomes important that he plans his travel well in advance to avoid any hassles and he can enjoy the journey to the fullest.

Why is planning important?

Planning is an important aspect of your journey as quite often you need to avail connecting trains to reach the destination of your choice. The whole purpose of a journey is to derive maximum pleasure and the objective becomes meaningless if travel plans go haywire as everyone in the group tends to get tired if things are not in order. To ensure that such a situation does not happen, it is prudent that you can get the planning aspect sorted out well in advance.

Points to consider while traveling by Indian railways?

Most of the trains are jam packed during most times of the year. The situation wears a grim look during the vacation and the festive times. As flights are beyond the reach of a common man, it is suggested that you plan your travel well in advance to avoid any rush that you are likely to encounter. Even if the train has a reasonable amount of waiting list it is better to get your tickets booked as last minute cancellations are pretty common. You can track your train on mobile and this is in particular to the PNR status.

You can also check out the direct trains that are operating on a particular route and plan your journey accordingly. Once you identify the train, then we proceed to the next stage of planning and that is to check whether trains are available on a particular day. A better way to find more information in this regard would be to pay a visit to the official website of Indian railways as they provide authentic information. Any change in the timing or schedule is also updated on a periodical basis.

Once all the above steps are undertaken the next process is to undertake the booking. If you prefer the over the counter booking you need to be physically present and you can book 6 tickets at a single go. But with the emergence of the internet , online booking has become easy. To start off the procedure you need to log on to the official website of Indian railways with your password and user id. At a time, you can book 6 tickets and you are entitled to book only 4 times in a month.

The same process applies to the cancellation aspect and things have improved considerably. In the event of cancellation of tickets, the amount is refunded to your account within 3 to 4 working days and this is a complete U-turn from the previous era where it would take around 15 days. Over the counter cancellation, you can avail the cash refund immediately.

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