The perfect option to have food

There is almost no one who does not love food. Many people love to visit various restaurants in the city just to check the quality of food and also offer their opinion to others. Well, such food lovers and even common people also get in deep trouble when they have to travel to a distant place by train. However, until a few years back the situation of the passengers in such long route trains that run from 9 to 36 hours was worst as they were not able to get some quality food on time.

The department of the railway, the largest mass transportation carrier also got worried with this serious concern about passengers and tried to sort it out with numerous options. The attachment of pantry car and provision of a licence to the stalls on the platforms was also some of the used options, but none of them could offer the perfect solution to this problem. After a number of years’ struggle of passengers as well as the department, with the help of the food parcel suppliers, the problem is seen as being ended now. The food parcel is a service with the help of which the passenger can order, the delivery of a food parcel at a particular station. There are many passengers who are not much aware of the services and wonder how to order food in the train. The system established by the food parcel service provider is easy to use.

The technology:

The technology has a huge role to play in the success of this service. There are lots of routes covered by the service providers, and many more routes are yet to be covered. However, the user can place the order with the help of a smartphone or a computer or even by a phone call. To place the order with the help of any of these systems is very easy. On the site, the menu of the concerned day is mentioned while if one calls at the call centre, the concerned executive helps one to know it. There are veg. and non-veg. items, and one can see varieties like Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujarati and South Indian items in the menu. The rates of the dishes are already mentioned on the site, and one can also ask the on-duty executive also. The payment in any of the options can be made by card, net banking or cash on delivery when the parcel is delivered to the passenger.

The passenger needs to mention the station where he wants to receive the food parcel. There are many positives of this system that have won the heart of the passengers on a long route journey, and that is why more and more passengers nowadays love to order food for them. One can get the food at very reasonable rate and in sufficient quantity that can help one to satisfy hunger. The food quality is best of the standards, and a variety of items help the passengers to enjoy the journey while onboard. The taste of food is also a leading factor that induces the passengers to order the same.

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