The revolutionary e-catering services at IRCTC

About Itarasi

Itarsi is located in Hoshangabad district in central India in Madhya Pradesh. It has got great significance in the history of Indian Railways. Itarsi Junction is one of the oldest stations which was developed in Madhya Pradesh. It is also one of the prominent junctions on the route of major trains. Trains coming from all metro cities of Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, and Chennai pass through the Itarsi Junction. Among all other junctions at MP, Itarsi has some of the finest food options for passengers and e-catering food in the train on Itarsi station can be availed easily.

E-catering Services

With the passage of time, we have seen a drastic change in almost every field of life because of technology. Online buying is in vogue these days. From lifestyle products to medicines, almost everything can be bought online. The food industry is no exception to the change.

There was a time when one had to go places for relishing their favourite food. But now, one can enjoy the mouth-watering meals at the comfort of home. The benefits have now been extended while travelling in a train. With e-catering coming into the picture, food is no more an issue while travelling.

Earlier the scenario was completely difficult. Either people had to carry food in advance for their journey. The longer the journey more was the food requirements. At times, it is really difficult to prepare and pack food since travelling is an ordeal in itself. There are other options as well like onboard catering and stalls but they might or might not offer desired food. Unfortunately, not many trains in the country have a Pantry car, and the ones’ with a pantry car might serve usual recipes. Hence, e-catering comes to the rescue!

The e-catering procedure

  • One can browse through the website of caterers who are into e-catering business.

  • The passengers can select from the wide array of options in the menu

  • The order can be placed online there and then or else via a phone call or by a SMS.

  • The passenger needs to feed the train details like name, number and coach along with berth number and the desired station for parcel delivery

  • The parcel will be delivered to the seat of the passenger.

  • The order needs to be placed in advance so that the parcel can be delivered on the desired station on time

  • In the case of any cancellations, the order needs to be cancelled prior to 2 hours of reaching the parcel delivery station.

  • The payment system is flexible as one can pay either online or cash on delivery while receiving the parcel

  • If the payment was already made online and the passenger opts for cancelling the order, the refund will be made within few days in the bank account of the passenger.

Benefits of e-catering

  • Saves passenger’s time, as they do not need to cook in advance

  • No need to carry extra baggage for food

  • One can relish on favourite food while travelling on train

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