The system that can assure bout food availability during the journey

For the people who love to go on a long route journey or have to go for the journey due to business or office work, the availability of food is a serious concern. There are many routes where the trains run for constant 24 to 48 hours and the passengers also have to be on-board all the time. During this time, the food requirement makes one go for different options which include consumption of substandard food also. This may pose a great threat to one’ s health during the journey and even after that as the food poisoning can spoil the whole schedule.

The food trouble:

The food availability in a running train was a serious problem once upon the time. The passengers were also much worried while going for the long route journey as there was no provision for quality food. Many trains also do not stop on platforms for a long time, so that one can have food packed from the stalls on the platform. Many times people had to depend on dry food parcels packed from their homes also. Due to this problem, those with old age people and kids also started avoiding such long route journey. Many passengers complained the department about this problem frequently, and the department tried to have some useful solution also. It came up with kitchen on wheels and additional food stalls on the platform, but these solutions did not work well. Hence this trouble affected the business of railway to a serious level.

The technology and food parcel:

Meanwhile, the private players who were engaged with food parcel supply also came up with the idea to offer the food parcel to passengers on board. The railway also welcomed this idea and hence a new chapter of Indian railway started being written. They set complete network as per which the passenger can easily know the menu and place the order. They provided two different channels which are orders through the website and customer care by calling the supplier. The passenger can confirm his presence on the train with the help of his name and PNR number and place the order to have the food parcel at some of the stations that are yet to come on the route. At the moment the train reaches the station, which was mentioned by the passenger to have the food parcel, the delivery boy provides the food parcel. If one wants to have the parcel at the Surat station, one can ask the food delivery in train at Surat station, and he will get it on time.

There are many benefits of this system that have attracted the passengers and hence in a little time the food parcel service has been much popular among the passengers. The food is delicious, healthy and fresh as well as with enough quantity that one can enjoy it thoroughly. The food is nicely packed and delivered as per the expectation of the passenger so that in case one needs to take medicines; it can be helpful. There are many routes on which the service is available, and many more routes are yet to be covered by the service provider.

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