Top 5 Attractions of Bhopal

In the state of Mahya Pradesh, the capital city is Bhopal and is rich in history and culture. People often travel here to view the beauties and the paintings done on rocks are very old like almost 3000 years. Bhopal also offers some delicious cuisines to die for. If one is looking online order food at Bhopal Junction while traveling here must taste these dishes and experience the local taste here.

There are several places that have a lot of tourist attractions in this city. These should be visited while traveling and spending a holiday in Bhopal.

Bhimbetka: Located about 46 kilometers from Bhopal city, this place is a World Heritage Site. These caves were found by Dr. Vishnu Savarkar. He was an archaeologist who excavated it in the year 1957-58. These paintings done on the rocks are about 15000 years old and are treasures as they have much historical value. They tell the lifestyle and stories of human life, who used to live in that historic age. People used to paint their lifestyles on the walls of the caves and they are exceptional creations. The paintings represent different time frames like upper Paleolithic Age till Medieval period.

Upper Lake: This beauty exists from 11th century and is said to be the largest lake in Madhya Pradesh. Local people believe that, this lake water has powers to cure and it also helps in reducing skin diseases. The lake is located in the middle of the city. This is a manmade lake’s most important attraction is a small lake, right at the center. There is a boat club which provides boats to the visitors and tourists. There are paddle boats, rowing boats and speed boats. Watching sun set here is a beautiful experience.

Van Vihar National Park: This is located at the middle of Bhopal city and lays widely covering 445.21 hectares of land. This National Park provides home to a large number of birds and animals. Some of the wild animals found here include tiger, leopard, sambar, lion and chital. The beauty of this park is it showcases birds which are more than 200 varieties. With Upper Lake at one hand and Shyamala Hills to the other hand, this forest is a perfect treat to watch and one can experience a jungle safari as well.

Taj-Ul-Masjid: This is considered to be one of huge mosques in this continent and it covers an area of 23312 square feet of land. The minarets of this Masjid are 206 feet tall. This mosque was started to build in the era of Sultan Shah Jahan, but it remained incomplete in her reign. It was completed in the year 1971. The intricate designs of the pillars are an artwork of appreciation.

Gohar Mahal: This construction has something g unique to boast on. It was built by the first lady, Empress of Bhopal. Gohar Begum, who was the first woman to rule here, built this Mahal in 1820. This is situated at the banks of Upper Lake. This beautiful Mahal showcases a perfect mixture of Muslim and Hindu architectural styles.

Bhopal is the heart of Madhya Pradesh and one should visit the best places in this city when traveling here.

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