Travel alone to these quiet and serene places of India

Have you ever planned a trip alone? If not, then it is the high time to do so. Yes, we all think of traveling with family, with friends or with partners or spouses. It takes a lot of guts to decide whether one wants to travel alone or not. This is because; the thought of safety comes to mind when one decides to travel alone. Especially, in case of a woman, travelling alone seems to be not a very easy thing. But the best part of travelling alone is what; one only gets to know when they take a small step towards it. Yes, the peace, the freedom one smells while traveling alone is not there in the trips that they make with family and friends. It is said that, once you start traveling alone, you fall in love with the idea of travelling alone. Then there is no looking back.

India and her solo trip destinations

Traveling alone means one can make a trip to anywhere they want be it mountains, sea beaches, forests, deserts or a heartfelt city. It solely depends on the traveler, what place they would like to travel. Still, there are some beautiful destination India offers to the solo travelers which they will love for sure.

Chamba: A very quiet and serene place situated in Himachal Pradesh. The snowcapped mountains welcome you there with its exquisite beauty. Apart from the picture perfect mountains, the apple orchards complete the frame. One can also visit the famous Lakshmi Narayan temple which was built in the Shikara style during the 10th century. Chamunda Devi temple is also very famous. The best time for visiting this place is summer as the temperature is cool and pleasant.

Sangla Valley: It has many small towns at the foot hills of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. One must visit Chitkul, the last Indian village in the Indo-Tibet border. The beautiful landscape of Sangla valley and the serene bank of Baspa River (which is a tributary of River Sutlej) make this place a perfect abode for solo visit. One can also take a visit to Kinnaur valley from Lahul and Spiti here. But remember one thing. This place remains closed from December to march due to heavy snowfall.

Gokarna: Want to see a spectacular sunset on a beach alone? Then Gokarna in Karnataka is the perfect visiting destination for you. One can even take a trekking route all by themselves and visit the beautiful Mahabaleshwar Temple here. You can enjoy all the five beaches in Gokarna including Half Moon beach, Paradise beach, Kudle Beach and Om Beach.

Puducherry: Pondicherry or Puducherry is a union territory which was once invaded by the Dutch and was a part of French colony. Apart from enjoying the quiet sea beaches here, one can also dig into delicious French cuisines here. A perfect place for those who wants a quiet holiday!

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