TravelKhana Provides a Variety of Foods at Jaipur Railway Station

Getting quality and delicious food is one of the most chaotic problems for every train passenger who travels to a long distance. The problem becomes more troublesome when your train runs late by hours. Catering service is though available, the meals served by them cannot feed your taste. The food may be unhygienic and unhealthy.

As a consequence, many choose to order food outside. They search for a popular private food delivery company, which can serve them healthy, fresh and tasty dishes. If you are planning a long train journey via Jaipur Railway station, you don’t need to worry about getting quality food as TravelKhana has brought to a seamless option to get excellent foods at the station. Continue reading to know more.

  • Feed Your Hunger at TravelKhana -

Getting excited what is that at Jaipur railway station that can feed your hunger, right? Here is a solution goes like this.

Jairpur is a city of kings, attracting thousands of passengers every day. To fill their meal requirements, TravelKhana has come forward, providing a variety of food items that are quality, delicious and healthy. If you are a food conscious and looking for enjoy your yummy meals while traveling, there is no better place for you than TravelKhana.

At this company, you can order a variety of dishes, ranging from south Indian, north Indian, Italian, Chinese, Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, thali, soup, juice, foods for children, and much more.

TravelKhana is an award winning company, known for delivering quality and healthy items to its customers right the moment they are hunger and place their order. The chain of restaurants is highly acclaimed for its hygienically prepared authentic delicacies. Within a short span, this brand has spread its wings far and wide. Today, it provides foods to as many as 6000 trains in every part of the country. Till date, it has served more than six lakh people in India. Today TravelKhana has established a strong presence across the country by tying with all top restaurants and hotels and other food outlets.

  • Food Delivery at Jaipur Railway Station -

Wondering how to place your order? Easy is the way to order foods at TravelKhana. Knowing the fact that passengers have to face difficulty in getting down the train, buying foods and carrying them to their berth, the company enables travelers to book their order right from their seat.

Yes, browse the TravelKhana website, select the menu of your choice and place your order. Besides, you can also send an SMS or dial the number given at its website and make your order. You just need to enter your PNR number if you are booking online, sending message or talking to a representative of the company.

To get the food at Jaipur Railway station, book the order one hour before reaching the platform so that food is ready by the time you reach Jaipur. As soon as you arrive the city station, you will get fresh and tasty foods right at your berth.

So, as long as the company like TravelKhana is ready to serve you better during journey, you don’t need to worry about quality and variety of foods whether your train is running on time or late.

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