Visit Gaya for peaceful holiday

Gaya is a beautiful tourist destination for one, who loves to travel. It is basically said that it is a perfect place for those who are an ardent believer of Buddhist philosophy and religion, but this is not true. Those who are not very much religiously inclined, they can also enjoy a lot in this place. Located in the state of Bihar, this place is actually a name which is very much attached to Lord Buddha. This city is located at the banks of River Lilanjan and as the famous Bodh Gaya tree stands here; the name of the city got its name from this tree and is thus named as Gaya. This place has a serene nature, and if one wants to spend their holidays in a relaxed and quiet mode, then this is a very nice option.

Mahabodhi Temple: This is the most famous temple here which stands strong on a basement which is 48 square kilometer broad. This temple has a unique structure and it looks like a pyramid which has a cylindrical top. This was actually built many years back in the 7th century and later reconstructed in the year 1880. Inside the temple, there is the idol of Lord Buddha. On the top of the temple, there are many Chatras, which are the symbol of sovereignty and peace. Inside the temple, there is a Shivalinga because the Jain believers believe that Buddha was the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Vishnupad Temple: This temple is located at the banks of the River Falgu and this was built long back in the year 1787 by a queen named Rani Ahilya Bai who was the queen of Indore of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that the temple was built on the footprints of Lord Vishnu and thus the temple bears this name. The footprints of Lord Vishnu are actually 40 meters long. Inside the temple, it is not only Lord Vishnu but many other gods and deities also reside there. In the premise of this temple, there stands also a temple of Lord Narsimha.

Dungeshwari Cave Temples: These caves are popularly known as the Mahakala Caves. This place is a very historically important place as it is said that Lord Buddha spent many years of his life before he went to Gaya to attain enlightenment. There is not much to see inside the caves, but it is a serene place where one can find their inner peace.

Barabar Caves: These caves are said to be built long back in the year 322 BC and 185 BC where the Mauryas used to rule. These rock cut natural caves are said to be the most ancient caves of India. There are four caves in total and among them the most famous one is the Lomarishi caves. This is the oldest one among all the four, and inside the caves, one can get to see the Hindu and Jain sculptures, which were carved long time ago.

To reach Gaya, one can easily book a train ticket and food delivery in train Gaya junction is also easily available.

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